The Dreamworld Cinema is a movie theatre located inside the Dreamworld amusement park on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Dreamworld Cinema


IMAX TheaterEdit

The IMAX Theatre was a movie theatre which opened with Dreamworld on 15 December 1981 that showed IMAX films. The theatre showcased one film, several times throughout a normal operating day. The park rotated the films in which they display. Films included Australia: Land Beyond Time, India: Kingdom of the Tiger, Space Station, Super Speedway and To Fly (the opening day film).

Dreamworld CinemaEdit

In preparation for Dreamworld's 30th Birthday celebrations, the park closed the IMAX Theatre on 22 November 2010. During the short period it was closed, the park renovated the theatre to turn it into the Dreamworld Cinema. Dreamworld replaced all of the 315 seats and invested in a new high-tech digital projection system capable of showing RealD Cinema films in 3D on the 21x11 metre (69x36 foot) screen. The Dreamworld Cinema was officially opened on 6 January 2011. Less than a year after opening, cinema operations were ceased with the theatre continuing to offer a free movie during normal park operating hours.